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Wizard Polishing Lap

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Wizard Polishing Lap

The Wizard polishing lap is the result of several years of experimentation by Dick Walker of Walker Gem Services. It is a very hard thermoplastic that has no abrasive fillers to cause problems during polishing. It is a thin disc (about 1/8" thick) with a 1/2" arbor hole; it is intended to be placed on a master lap when in use. The hardness of the material means it does not "take a charge" like most polishing laps. You can clean one type of oxide polish from the surface with detergent and a green pad, and switch to another type of oxide polish to match whatever type of material you happen to be polishing. These laps come pre-scored, ready for use.

We have been using them with DW-Suspension on garnet, tourmaline, and spinel with excellent results. With 99.9% pure Cerium Oxide, they work well for quartz, beryl, feldspar, etc. Instructions included.

If you would like to see the Wizard Instructions, they are downloadable at www.gemcutter.com/catalog.htm

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