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GreenWing 6in

GreenWing 6in

GreenWing dual-band polishing lap

The success of the Chrome Oxide BATTSTIKs™ in polishing quartzes as well as garnets, tourmaline, feldspars, and peridot encouraged Jon Rolfe to incorporate the boundary layer self-burnishing lubrication system used in the DIASTIKs™, together with a hydrophilically-modified version of the Darkside polymer, into a Chrome Oxide polymer "Just Add Water" lap. The polymer has further been modified to allow exceptionally high oxide loading.

Since the Greenway™ concept has been proven, a Greenway™ center has been applied to the BATTWING™ dual lap.
This allows most stones to be cut on a #600 lap, then prepolished on the GREENWING's BATT™ band with 3K diamond. Wiping the stone clean, then jumping to the GREENWAY™ center, most stones can be quickly polished with nothing but a water drip. Where needed, oxides can be added to the Greewnay composition for faster speeds, but generally for tourmaline, quartz, beryls, and similar stones, this is not needed.

The exceptional hardness of the Greenway™ composite does allow it to be used as a "Pseudo-ceramic" lap with diamond compound for the harder stones like topaz and sapphire.
Wash off with soap and water after this use, and the lap can then be returned to "Just Add Water" polishing.

Available in 6" size ONLY

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