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Facetron Faceting Machine

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Facetron Faceting Machine

Facetron is the product of years of research, development and professional testing. With an background in aerospace manufacturing, state of the art technology and thorough knowledge of the art of faceting, the Facetron is the product of a company dedicated to provide you with the finest in faceting instruments.


  • Angle Indicator - Digital Readout: Easily readable, repeatable! Direct reading to 1/10 of a degree on angles eliminates the inaccuracy and illegibility of protractors, dials, etc.
  • Electronic Speed Control: Smooth, continuous adjustment from 0-1200 RPM, CW or CCW with the flick of a switch. 1/3 hp motor.
  • Exclusive Pressure Sensor: Direct visualization of pressure exerted on the dop arm assures uniform facets.
  • Acculign Transfer Stand: Unequaled precision. Adjustable transfer block eliminates clumsy and awkward clamps.
  • Acculign Index System: Precision index wheels with conviently located index lever. Freewheling provisions for preforming.
  • Acculign Compounder: Permits minor radial adjustments to correct for for errors and for special cuts. Calibrated in 1/4" increments with 2 degree plus/minus range.
  • Acculign Dop Chuck: Positive locking action provides the freedom of removing and replacing the dopped stone without realignment. No slippage.
  • Finest Material and Craftsmanship: All metal parts are fabricated from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Lifetime sealed bearings. Durable polyurethane splash pan is easy to clean, protects stones against accidental damage. For 6" or 8" laps.

Facetron Complete System contains: set of 15 dops; 45 degree dop; transfer stand; coolant system; and 96 index gear. Ready to run.

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