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Besednice, var. Moldavite

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Besednice, var. Moldavite


Besednice Moldavite Specimen from the Czech Republic. This is one of the most rare, unique, and beautiful gems found on earth. They are from one place in the Czech Republic, Besednice (pronounced: "Bes ed neet sa").
This stone has NOT BEEN DAMAGED; it is a great specimen!

Our supplier who lives in the Czech Republic has said for several years it is getting almost impossible to find these prized pieces anymore- all most entirely coming from private collections. It isaid the Besednice mine is worked out and it is rumored that the current owner won't even sell any of his private collection because he knows their value will continue to increase. The demand is high, and the supply is diminishing.

Due to the delicate make up of these 14.5 million years old specimens any mining should be done carefully by hand and not with large equipment. It has been said some current clean up of the mine is being done by equipment and some of the current material found at the Tucson Gem show appears to have been chipped and then ground down to cover.

Each of these spiked hedgehog or delicate lacy, leaf like specimens would be a valued treasure to add to anyones collection and it is likely that these gems will cease being available to the market in the near future and will be the once in a life time investment gems.

(This is a note from our supplier in 2005: regarding the Besednice, I have only just this last few months been able to get hold of any quality for the first time in many years and I am stockpiling all I can as I don't want to be in the situation I was when I had to tell some people that I hadn't any, but this stock is selling fast)

Just an added note- if the Besednice was hard to find in 2005, you can imagine how hard it is now.

This piece of Besednice is 18.00 ct

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