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Alpha Taurus Faceting Machine from Imperial Gem Instruments

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Alpha Taurus Faceting Machine from Imperial Gem Instruments

Constructed of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and high precision bearings, no cost-cutting compromises are used in manufacturing this unit. The many features of the Alpha Taurus make it fast and precise:

  • 1/2" thick anodized aluminum, surface ground base plate
  • Dovetail slide; maintains mast alignment
  • Mast: 7/8" stainless steel inner mast and 1-1/8 outer sleeve suspended on ball bearings for support with no backlash or wobble.
  • Mast travel micrometer provides vertical travel of 1 inch in .001 increments.
  • Mounting yoke lock knob has a quick release feature as well as a safety auto lock.
  • Depth dial indicator, accurate to .001"
  • Coarse protractor can be latched every 5 degrees for fast angle setting changes.
  • Protractor vernier dial sets the angle to .1 deg.
  • Quill draw collet- one of the most accurate ways to hold a dop
  • Cheater dial provides +/- 6 degree rotation with repeatable home position.
  • Variable speed: 0 - 1400 RPM
  • 1/6 HP motor, Reversing switch.
  • Right and Left Hand models.
  • Also includes: Transfer block, table adapter, lamp, water reservoir, drip pan, 96 index gear, and 15 piece dop Stick assortment.
Stock #: AT-001
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